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A Slim Aarons for the millennial set
— Bettie Pardie, Private Newport

Nick Mele is an East Coast based photographer who specializes in portrait, lifestyle and interior design photography.  

Much like the aforementioned Slim Aarons, Nick's made a career photographing "attractive people in attractive places doing attractive things." He started off snapping society photos for Patrick McMullan in New York, and later spent several years documenting the lives of America's last remaining Grande Dames.  Recently, he has been exploring more of his interests in environmental portraiture and interior design photography, establishing himself as the go to photographer in resort towns like Palm Beach, FL and Newport, RI.

With influences ranging from Douglas Friedman and Tina Barney to Wes Anderson and David LaChapelle, Nick has taken his time in developing his own unique style of work which has been featured in a myriad of publications including Town & Country, The New York Times, Avenue, Quest, Architectural Digest, and Vanity Fair. 

One of Nick's favorite subjects is his own family and its not unusual to see him on the other side of the lens as well.  His family's tongue and cheek adventures though America's favorite preppy and affluent stomping grounds can be seen on Instagram @A.Social.Life and he is often written about by the the very publications for which he shoots.