Bernice, Queen of Arts by Nicholas Mele

If an artist digs deep down into themselves, the work becomes universal
— Bernice Steinbaum

Very rarely, you get the opportunity to meet some of life's absolute characters.  Those people who blaze their own trail, beat to their own drum, and often times change the way others view the world around them.  I had the amazing pleasure to spend some time with one such woman a little while ago: gallerist, curator, dealer and art pioneer Bernice Steinbaum.  Over 30 years ago, Bernice broke the mold in Manhattan, opening a gallery in Soho that focused on 50% female artists and 40% artists of color.  Since then she has moved to Miami, but still champions the cause of diversity in art.  I took these pictures in combination with great documentary short (not by me, but the lovely Kristina Sorge) available on iTunes:


Also, check out this article on the movie, featuring my photos, on Art Report:

Town & Country, Diana Damrau by Nicholas Mele

Of all the noises known to man, opera is the most expensive.
— Moliere

I did a photo shoot with famed Opera star Diana Damrau for the the clothing store Escada and Town & Country online.  It was a lot fun and I thought I'd share.  Check out the full story here:

Muses & Visionaries, #14 by Nicholas Mele

I have a private plane. But I fly commercial when I go to environmental conferences
— Arnold Schwarzenegger

BTS shot of me on set. Yay!  I'm on a plane

We're back with another fashion spread for M&V magazine.  I'm a few months behind in posting this, but I figured better late than never.  This time we were at the private airfield in Boca Raton where the awesome Vida Jets let us shoot on some of their planes.  Check out the full story here:

Model: Martina Slavcheva               HMU: Chell Love                            Stylist: Zlata Kotmina

Body Frock UK by Nicholas Mele

You can get anything you want, if you’re dressed for it.
— Edith Head

Body Frock Home Page

BTS at the shoot on the north end of Palm Beach

In December, I did a shoot for UK based clothing company Body Frock.  They came to Palm Beach and we focused on the company's new line of wedding and bridesmaid dresses.  They wanted a real natural, somewhat moody feel to the photos and I tried to give the whole shoot a bit of a 35mm film look (even though I shot on digital).  Check out more of the shots here: Body Frock Website

Muses & Visionaries, Lucky Issue 13 by Nicholas Mele

Photographing attractive people who were doing attractive things in attractive places.
— Slim Aarons
Muses and Visionaries, Issue 13, pg. 82-83

Muses and Visionaries, Issue 13, pg. 82-83

I'm back for another fashion spread in Palm Beach with Muses & Visionaries magazine.  This time the shoot was loosely inspired by Slim Aarons, one of my all time favorite photographers.  Go check out his book, Poolside.    So we tried to go for a 70's era Palm Beach look in the clothes and aesthetic and I tried my best to blend Slim's use of wide shots and overheads with the need to show off the clothes and style.  It is a fashion shoot after all.  These are the results.  Find the magazine near you:  

Muses and Visionaries, Issue 13, pg. 84-85

Muses and Visionaries, Issue 13, pg. 84-85

Muses and Visionaries, Issue 13, pg. 88-89

Muses and Visionaries, Issue 13, pg. 88-89

See the whole story here:

Model: Mikaela Schipani            HMU: Chell Love          Fashion/Art Director: Molly Greene

The New York Times by Nicholas Mele

I am spoiled, it’s true. I don’t even know how to use that thing in the kitchen with the burners.
— Cindy Margolis

This past Sunday, July 19th The New York Times had a one page article in its Sunday style mag - T Magazine - about me.  All about me!  Ok, that's a lie.  But it did prominently feature my photo series on kitchens in Newport, RI.  The general gist of the photos (and I presume the article - I only looked at my pictures) is that the grand houses in Newport still contain kitchens that haven't been renovated for modern use.  They are functional.  They are used to cook food for house guests, not to show off.  Its interesting.  Trust me.  Go check it out at:  T Summer Entertainment  or just look below (I make this too easy for you)

T Magazine, July 19th 2015

T Magazine, July 19th, pg. 23.  Hey, 23 is my lucky number!  What a coink-e-dink....

Below are the images on their own.  They are just four from a much larger series that I did with the wonderful interior designer Ruthie Sommers (Check her out - she's awesome).  Hopefully we will find somewhere to print the whole thing.  I'll keep you posted.



The Whim

Muses & Visionaries by Nicholas Mele

Fashion should be a form of escapism, and not a form of imprisonment
— Alexander McQueen
M&V Magazine Issue 9 pg. 102-103

M&V Magazine Issue 9 pg. 102-103

Check out this month's issue of Muses and Visionaries Magazine for my retro inspired, art-deco fashion spread.  I've been wanting to do more fashion and this was the perfect opportunity.  And if you're in West Palm Beach, FL, go check out EmKo.  Its a pretty cool place.  Find the magazine near you: or read online here: 

M&V Magazine Issue 9 pg. 108-109

M&V Magazine Issue 9 pg. 108-109

Model: Christy Giles      Hair and Make-up: John Barrett Salon     Stylist: Courtney Dudek

Glamourpuss Fall 2014 by Nicholas Mele

I love fashion, beauty, glamour. It’s the mark of civilization.
— David LaChapelle

Check out Glamourpuss' Fall and Winter collections for 2014, shot by moi (that means me), up now on their website,  I love their stuff and, as always, its a pleasure to work with them.  

Model: Zuza Buchwald   Hair and Makeup: Ali Lomazzo

Model: Zuza Buchwald   Hair and Makeup: Ali Lomazzo

Boys And Girls Club by Nicholas Mele

Old age is like everything else. To make a success of it, you’ve got to start young.
— Theodore Roosevelt

From my series "Young Americans"

In August, I teamed with the Boys and Girls Club of Newport, RI to do a series of large scale portraits of some of their kids.  The images were printed 30"x40" and put on display during their 35th annual charity gala and auction at Rosecliff Mansion.  It was a pleasure to help out with such a great cause and I was thrilled with the results. 

On display at Rosecliff

Quest Magazine by Nicholas Mele

Deep Summer is where laziness finds respectability
— Sam Keen
The Dana Family at The Newport Shipyard

The Dana Family at The Newport Shipyard

My cover story for Quest Magazine, on stands now.    Newport has long been a focus of my photography and I'm glad to finally have some of my favorite shots published.  In many ways, the town is the last surviving bastion of old money style and manners.  Check it out online here:

Quest Magazine July 2014

Manhattan Magazine by Nicholas Mele

Without tradition, art is a flock of sheep without a shepherd. Without innovation, it is a corpse.
— Winston Churchill

Check out my photos (with words by Sam Bolton) in this month's (December 2013) Manhattan Magazine.  The piece focuses on some of the new guard in NYC's art world.  If you're too lazy to go to your local newsstand, I suppose you may check out the online version (or just look at the jpegs I'm posting here…man i'm making this too easy).  Fun fact for the reader, this story was originally shot for Barton G.'s Vault Magazine out of Miami, before the illustrious publication folded after just one issue.  Their loss is Manhattan Magazine's gain I suppose….

Quote Magazine by Nicholas Mele

There’s only two things I hate in this world. People who are intolerant of other people’s cultures and the Dutch.
— Nigel Powers, Austin Powers in Goldmember

To all of my Dutch fans out there (don't all chime in at once now), check out this issue of Quote Magazine (by the lovely Hearst Corporation of The Netherlands) for my pictures of Pieter Taselaar and family.  I have no idea what the article says, but I'm sure it's lovely...