Bernice, Queen of Arts / by Nicholas Mele

If an artist digs deep down into themselves, the work becomes universal
— Bernice Steinbaum

Very rarely, you get the opportunity to meet some of life's absolute characters.  Those people who blaze their own trail, beat to their own drum, and often times change the way others view the world around them.  I had the amazing pleasure to spend some time with one such woman a little while ago: gallerist, curator, dealer and art pioneer Bernice Steinbaum.  Over 30 years ago, Bernice broke the mold in Manhattan, opening a gallery in Soho that focused on 50% female artists and 40% artists of color.  Since then she has moved to Miami, but still champions the cause of diversity in art.  I took these pictures in combination with great documentary short (not by me, but the lovely Kristina Sorge) available on iTunes:


Also, check out this article on the movie, featuring my photos, on Art Report: