Polo Ralph Lauren by Nicholas Mele

It’s a family affair
— Sly and the Family Stone

Ralph Lauren hired me to shoot their new spring line of kids bathing suits. And thanks to the power of Instagram and they wanted to use my son Johnny as one of the models! We had so much fun shooting at The Colony Hotel and all around Palm Beach. I think Johnny and I make a pretty good team ;)

Screen Shot 2019-02-27 at 11.29.14 PM.png
Shot on location at the Colony Hotel

Shot on location at the Colony Hotel


Kips Bay Decorators Show House by Nicholas Mele

Everything is designed. Few things are designed well.
— Brian Reed
Screen Shot 2019-03-14 at 2.31.55 PM.png

This year’s Kips Bay Decorator Show House was amazing! Each year, celebrated interior designers transform a magnificent estate into an elegant exhibition of fine furnishings, art and technology. All proceeds benefit the Boys and Girls Club. This was its second year in Palm Beach (its been going on in New York since 1973) and once again one of the decorators chose to use some of my work to adorn his walls. Billy Ceglia chose a whopping 48 images from my series and framed them up and down the hallways he was tasked with designing. In addition, I was given free reign to explore the house and take pictures of the designers and shoot more photos for my Many of the designers hired me to shoot the rooms and my photos were featured by Veranda and Architectural Digest.

Bodhi and Johnny at the Dog Bar from on the walls of Billy Ceglia’s hallway at Kips Bay

Bodhi and Johnny at the Dog Bar from on the walls of Billy Ceglia’s hallway at Kips Bay

Danielle Rollins in her room at Kips Bay

Danielle Rollins in her room at Kips Bay

Meg Braff in her room at Kips Bay

Meg Braff in her room at Kips Bay

My son Johnny for in Krista + Home’s bathroom at Kips Bay

My son Johnny for in Krista + Home’s bathroom at Kips Bay

Veranda Magazine, Slim Aarons by Nicholas Mele

...the cognescenti are calling him a modern day Slim Aarons
— Veranda Magazine

I often get compared to Slim Aarons (what a compliment!), but when a publication as esteemed as Veranda starts throwing it around I can’t help but be flattered…and honored…and grateful. Hopefully I can live up to the compliment. Check it out below.

Pg. 24 Veranda Feb 2019

Town & Country, Entertaining by Nicholas Mele

Newport is a town that refuses to forget its history
— Me ;)

I teamed up with the fabulous Bettie Pardee of Private Newport again; this time to write a story for Town & Country.  Even better, the story was about me.  My favorite subject.  Kidding.  Kind of....  Anyway, much like with @A.Social.Life, my family and I put ourselves center stage to show off our lives, celebrate our history and talk about how we like to entertain.  Click here to read the full story.


The Decorated Home by Nicholas Mele

If bad decorating was a hanging offense, there’d be bodies hanging from every tree
— Sylvester Stallone

Luckily, I know some pretty talented interior designers!


One of my favorite clients and people, Meg Braff, just release her book, The Decorated Home: Living with Style and Joy, through Rizzoli publishing.  I was honored to have some of my photographs grace the pages.  Go pick it up though Amazon.


Palm Beach Photo Exhibit by Nicholas Mele

As my artist’s statement explains, my work is utterly incomprehensible and is therefore full of deep significance
— Calvin and Hobbs
The family came to support....and climb on the art

The family came to support....and climb on the art

My mother and I had a photo show in Palm Beach.  Did I mention she's a bad ass photographer in her own right?  Victoria Mele, go check here out.  She does large scale prints of flowers close up.  Anyway, we had a show at EMKO in Palm Beach.  Remember them?  I did a fashion shoot there awhile back.  Man, I keep going of on these side tangents.... One more time from the beginning.  My mom and I had a photography show and it went awesome.  Lots of people showed up, we sold a ton of work and both the Palm Beach Daily News and The Palm Beach Post wrote stories on it!  Cool, right?  

Front page of the Shiny Sheet

Town & Country, Diana Damrau by Nicholas Mele

Of all the noises known to man, opera is the most expensive.
— Moliere

I did a photo shoot with famed Opera star Diana Damrau for the the clothing store Escada and Town & Country online.  It was a lot fun and I thought I'd share.  Check out the full story here:

The New York Times by Nicholas Mele

I am spoiled, it’s true. I don’t even know how to use that thing in the kitchen with the burners.
— Cindy Margolis

This past Sunday, July 19th The New York Times had a one page article in its Sunday style mag - T Magazine - about me.  All about me!  Ok, that's a lie.  But it did prominently feature my photo series on kitchens in Newport, RI.  The general gist of the photos (and I presume the article - I only looked at my pictures) is that the grand houses in Newport still contain kitchens that haven't been renovated for modern use.  They are functional.  They are used to cook food for house guests, not to show off.  Its interesting.  Trust me.  Go check it out at:  T Summer Entertainment  or just look below (I make this too easy for you)

T Magazine, July 19th 2015

T Magazine, July 19th, pg. 23.  Hey, 23 is my lucky number!  What a coink-e-dink....

Below are the images on their own.  They are just four from a much larger series that I did with the wonderful interior designer Ruthie Sommers (Check her out - she's awesome).  Hopefully we will find somewhere to print the whole thing.  I'll keep you posted.



The Whim

Manhattan Magazine by Nicholas Mele

Without tradition, art is a flock of sheep without a shepherd. Without innovation, it is a corpse.
— Winston Churchill

Check out my photos (with words by Sam Bolton) in this month's (December 2013) Manhattan Magazine.  The piece focuses on some of the new guard in NYC's art world.  If you're too lazy to go to your local newsstand, I suppose you may check out the online version (or just look at the jpegs I'm posting here…man i'm making this too easy).  Fun fact for the reader, this story was originally shot for Barton G.'s Vault Magazine out of Miami, before the illustrious publication folded after just one issue.  Their loss is Manhattan Magazine's gain I suppose….